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Mayumi is a 16-year old teenager from Rizal Province. She discovered her love for poetry during a summer creative writing workshop some years back. As a music student of many years, she saw that poetry was like music when words would rhythmically glide off one’s tongue when read or spoken.
The poem she wrote is her take on a chapter from the book, The Shoemaker’s Daughter, entitled: “The Dance” (pp 82-90). It is a story that features the pangalay, an indigenous dance in Mindanao. Similar to a favorite book of hers, The Little Prince, she says each time rereads it, she understands and discovers something new. She has recently reread “The Dance,” and understood it differently this time. She was so moved that she decided to do a tribute to it.

By Phillipine editorial staff
Mayumi T. Bulan



This is my personal adaptation of the short story, “The Dance” (pp. 82-90) from the book, “The Shoemaker’s Daughter”, written by my aunt, Ms. Sarah Fernando Lumba.

As she traced the figure eight Into the sky,
As she swayed her hips From side to side.
As her hair fell behind her back, Her eyes closed.

She felt the sand beneath her feet
She felt the sun shine on her face
She smelled the sea
She heard the waves.
She smiled.

From there she took her rest.
From there she walked, hand in hand With her loved one.
Into the light.


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