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BY MITCHEL MAKENA, KENYA. From Claire Ivy, Meru-Kenya.

Kenya my country is better known for scenic landscapes, vast wildlife preserves, a rich African culture, not forgetting our ever shining athletes on the global scenes of various athletic competitions. However, today am writing this piece to talk about the general academic situation, share an experience and citizenship.

Every day to day activity or situation has their pros and cons. The general academic situation in Kenya is one of them. Kenya’s academics are specified to the needs of the country. It not only provides an understanding of the tribes but also thinks about the students’ future careers. In addition to that, Kenyan academics teach the students discipline in school and home activity.

However, Kenya’s academics have its downfalls; it is not progressive and teaches skills that are not necessary. To solve this , the Kenya ministry of education has changed the system from 844 to CBC. This makes it easier for students to not only learn new skills but also be creative. We all know that every good must have its bad. Most of the time, the students do remote learning where cramming is prioritized over actual understanding. Last but not least, there is not only poor implementation of the curriculum but also the resources are disproportionately available.

Being a Teens4Unity is a call to live for a Better World and practice it to the fullest as Chiara did. I’m a class 7, in a certain Primary school within my area. In most cases, this is the class that many pupils realize themselves and tend to engage in some mischievous behaviours that many a time creates friction between them and teachers. Now there’s this one incident where some of my classmates coiled funny nicknames to some of our teachers. It was all well until the affected teachers came to learn about the nicknames. They were very annoyed about the art, and vowed never to step in our classes. They were five in number. What we thought to be a joke came to be a reality when the said teachers never stepped their foot in our class for a whole week.

Actually we lost a lot as a class and this threatened our academic progress. I sat down and thought on what do, and an idea came in for me to embrace the Christ on our midst and engage my fellow pupils in leadership of the school to help address the issue.

I managed to mobilize them and we wrote an anonymous letter to them asking for forgiveness on behalf of the class and requested them to come back to our class because we really needed them most. To our surprise, 4 of them accepted and forgave us, came back to teach us, while one is yet to confirm his forgiveness. I really felt the love and unity I managed to mobilize others and brought back our teachers to class. I felt the joy, happiness and the presence of Christ amongst us. I know I’ll soon be back with greater News! Viva la gen3!! Let’s concur the world with love and unity.


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